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Waza. Music of the Berta from the Blue Nile, Sudan. CD + 76-page booklet in slipcase

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Editore: Wergo

- Asirbale
  - Junger Herr
  - Young Sir
  - Wenn du meinen Namen sagst, werde ich dich ficken!
  - If you say my name, I?ll fuck you!
  - Dandale (Name einer Komponistin
  - Name of a female composer)
  - Al-Harib (Der Krieg
  - The war)
  - Zozei (Name eines Mädchens
  - Name of a girl)
  - Begufudi heree tortani talhilayu
  - Ein weißer Adler kommt in das Dorf
  - A white eagle comes into the village
  - Al-Khartoum bulafoda, jinzitayu amazotayeh
  - In Khartoum gibt es viel Geld, trotzdem musste er zurückkommen
  - In Khartoum there is plenty of money, nevertheless he had to come back
  - Absira angimogi nalyamingo
  - Was machst du, Abu Sira? Ich bin deine Tante!
  - What are you doing, Abu Sira? I am your aunt!
  - Gera esharbeh dirshonewtang maiodufa
  - Die Frau schlief auf einer alten, dreckigen Matte
  - The woman slept on an old, dirty mat
  - Akharo (Instrumentalstück
  - Instrumental piece)
  - Abrahiim ba?i wathila agodi
  - Abrahiim weint: ?Wo ist mein Bruder??
  - Abrahiim is crying, ?where is my brother??
  - Aba Musa ladoiya
  - Aba Musa lässt grüßen!
  - Greetings by Aba Musa!
  - Trommelsignal
  - Drum Signal
  - Shudalu baghude
  - Weiße Ameise ('Termite')
  - White ant (?termite?)
  - Al-khawaja bale wasalo la Gafilli
  - Der kleine "khawaja" (Europäer) kam nach Gafilli
  - The little "khawaja" (European) came to Gafilli
  - Bartha waiyo
  - Bartha als Sieger im Wettstreit
  - Bartha, the winner
  - Ein Abend mit der Flötengruppe
  - An evening with the flute ensemble
  - Fasinje?
  - Wohin gehst du?
  - Where do you go?
  - Sitto gurri shimong tango
  - Jemand verzauberte ein Mädchen mit schwarzer Magie
  - Somebody enchanted a girl with black magic
  - Hashi lilo holli
  - Oh Jungen, warum steht ihr an der Wasserstelle?
  - Oh Boys, why are you waiting at the water hole?
  - Hokke
  - Das Erntefest
  - The Harvest Festival


The music of the "waza" trumpet groups is considered the most important instrumental music of the Berta, who have been living in the border region of Sudan and Ethiopia since the 19th century. A full ensemble consists of ten to twelve monotone instruments between 50 and 180 centimeters long and the wood blocks, called "bali". The performances usually take place after sunset and are a major event for the inhabitants of a village. Before the pieces begin, a woman sings a song, which is then performed instrumentally. The recordings from 1982/3 are published for the first time on this CD.
The CD was awarded the Quarterly German Record Critics' Award!