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Orchidee. Traditional Chinese Zheng and Qin Music. CD

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- Embroidering brocade (zheng)
  - Longing for an old friend (qin)
  - Wild geese land on the shore (zheng)
  - Parting at Yang-guan (qin)
  - Lotus (zheng)
  - Rain at night (zheng)
  - Cheerful evening (qin)
  - Autumn wind (qin)
  - Jackdaw plays at the water (zheng)
  - High mountains, flowing water (zheng)
  - Fisherman's song at sunset (zheng)
  - Lonesome orchid (qin)


Traditional Chinese thought sees the universe as a single, living system, all of whose parts influence each other. In the same way all expressions of human culture are woven into the structure of the cosmos and into all life processes. That applies to music as well, in a very special way. The instruments qin - a kind of zither that original had five strings (corresponding to the five basic elements in Chinese philosophy), a ritual instrument - and zheng - a twenty-one-stringed arched zither - are masterfully played by two musicians from mainland China, Xiaoyong Chen and Huihong Ou, in this selection of traditional Chinese music.