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Renaissance Music for Harp (Friou)

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Editore: Hal Leonard

All In A Garden Green [Playford, John]
Alman [Morley, Thomas]
Bransle [Attaignant, Pierre]
Fortune [Byrd, William]
Hartes Ease [Holborne, Anthony]
It Was A Lover And His Lass [Morley, Thomas]
La Volta [Byrd, William]
Lady Riche
My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home [Dowland, John]
Nachtanz [Susato, Tielman]
Nobody's Gigge [Farnaby, Giles]
Robin [Munday, John]
The Carman's Whistle [Byrd, William]
The Earl Of Essex Galliard [Dowland, John]
Toy [Cutting, Francis]
Wolseys Wilde [Byrd, William]


This wonderful book contains a collection of dances and ayres from the Renaissance period, arranged for the harp. Most of the pieces were written in the 1500's and were originally intended for keyboard, lute, or voice. All of the arrangements can be played on a folk harp, although some do have accidentals which may require the use of sharping levers. This is an excellent book, designed to bring the harpists of today the music of the Renaissance.