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Balli per Cembalo, edited by Christopher Hogwood

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90 keyboard pieces from early italian manuscripts


In Balli per Cembalo Christopher Hogwood presents no fewer than 89 short dances taken from three Italian MSS and one very much longer piece taken from a MS in the Royal College of Music Library. The first forty-one pieces are taken from the earliest known source of Italian dance music now preserved in Venice; originally containing forty dances and two liturgical settings, Veni Creator and Et exultavit spiritus meus, one folio is missing with the loss of one complete and two partial dances. This is the first modern edition of the pieces in their original note values and also included is the illuminating information on proportional notation. Many of the dances are short, even with the repeats where indicated, and the majority consist of a melodic RH, occasionally lapsing into divisions, over chords of either a triadic composition or, far more frequently, of 1-5-8 in the LH. Included are the earliest settings of the passamezzo antico, two salterellos (barred a cut C but with a definite triple-time lilt) and a paduana. These pieces make excellent companions to the Intabolatura Nova de Balli of 1551, both of these collections predating the extensive collection of dances at Castell'Arquato, which shows far more fluid RH divisions

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