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Baroque Recorder Anthology, vol. 1. 30 Works for Soprano Recorder with Piano/Guitar Accompaniment. Con CD

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Editore: Schott

- J. Hotteterre: Branle
- Menuet
- J.S. Bach: Mir hahn en neue Oberkeet
- J. Blow: Bourrée
- H. Purcell: March
- J.-B. Lully: Rondeau
- J.van Eyck: Onder de linde groene
- J. Playford: The British Toper
- L.C. Daquin: Rigaudon
- J.van Eyk: De zoete zoomer tijden
- G.F. Händel: Menuett
- F.P. Telemann: Rigaudon
- Menuet
- Anon:: Vain Belinde
- Don't You Tickle
- Country Bumpkin
- M. Peerson: The Fall of the Leafe
- J. Fischer: Bourrée
- Anon. Scottish Reel: Fairy Dance
- Anon. Scottish Jig: The Gobbie-O
- Anon. French: L'Inconnu
- Contredance
- Gentille
- R. North: Masquerade Royale
- North's Maggot
- J. Hook: Menuet & Trio
- H. Purcell: Air
- J.-B. Lully: Minuet
- H. Purcell: Hornpipe


This anthology contains pieces by seventeenth and eighteenth-century composers in a variety of different styles. The repertoire includes works by major composers such as Telemann and Purcell as well as lesser-known composers including, amongst others, Daquin, van Eyck, Hotteterre and Lully. This collection is ideal for recorder teachers looking for additional repertoire for their teaching practice as well as developing players looking to expand their repertoire, and for use in school or music centre concerts.