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Schott Recorder Library. The Finest Sonatas & Suites for 2 treble recorders

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Editore: Schott

- J. Paisible: Sonata F-Dur, op. 1/2
- G. Finger: Sonata B-Dur, op. 2/2
- D. Purcell: Sonata F-Dur
- W. Croft: Sonata c-Moll
- R. Valentine: Sonata d-Moll, op. 6/1
- G.P. Telemann: Sonata F-Dur (TWV 40:102)
- G.P. Telemann: Sonata g-Moll (TWV 40:104)
- G.P. Telemann: Sonata F-Dur (TWV 40:120)
- G.P. Telemann: Sonata B-Dur (TWV 40:107)
- J.B. Loeillet de Gant: Sonata d-Moll
- J.B. Loeillet de Gant: Sonata a-Moll
- J.B. Loeillet de Gant: Sonata F-Dur
- P. Delavigne: Suite C-Dur, op. 1/6
- J. Bodin de Boismortier: Suite C-Dur, op. 17/4
- J. Bodin de Boismortier: Suite C-Dur, op. 17/3
- J.-C. Naudot: Suite G-Dur, op. 10/2
- J.-C. Naudot: Suite D-Dur, op. 10/4


This volume contains a selection of the most attractive pieces from the popular 'Originalmusik für Blockflöte' series [Original Music for Recorder]. Here, recorder players find a variety of compositions from the Baroque era for two treble recorders. Some duos were composed in the French style, representing the beauty and elegance of court life. In comparison, the edition also contains works from England which rather seek a natural expression.