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Dvorák, A.
Concerto in la minore op. 53, per Violino e Pianoforte

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Edited by M. Rostal

Amid the abundance of virtuoso literature for this instrument, Dvorak's Violin Concerto in A minor is one of the lyrical gems which betray the composer's Czechi nspiration. He was encouraged to write it by the fine German violinist Joseph Joachim, upon whose instigation Dvorak re-worked the entire concerto and dedicated it to his friend. This world famous concerto may be studied in more detail with the aid of Karel Solc's piano reduction, whichis part of the first Complete Critical Edition of Works by Antonin Dvorak. Theviolin part wasrevised by the artist who first performed the work, Frantisek Ondricek, and it was newly revised by prof. Jindrich Feld.

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