• Bochsa, R.N.C. - Oberthuer, C.H. : Universal Method for Harp

R.N.C. Bochsa - C.H. Oberthuer

Universal Method for Harp

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- Rudiments of Music
  - A list of the principal words used in modern music
  - Introduction
  - The clefs employed in connection with the Harp, as well as Tonal-range and manner of tuning, of the instrument
  - Remarks on the Position of the Harp, the attitude of the player, position of the body, hands and feet while playing
  - On fingering
  - Scales for both hands
  - Exercises for both hands
  - On sliding the thumb and third finger
  - On fingering for the different intervals
  - Directions for striking the Chords properly and the rules to be observed thereby
  - On Arpeggios and the mode of playing them
  - Table of the simple Arpeggios
  - On Modulation and the use of the Pedals
  - On Appoggiaturas Turns Shakes and Tremolo
  - On peculiar effects on the Harp
  - Explanation of foreign words and expressions generally used in compositions for the Harp
  - Forty progressive Studies for the Harp
  - the Major Scales
  - Studies in Arpeggios in Major and Minor Keys
  - Twenty-four Preludes.

Author: Bochsa, R.N.C. - Oberthuer, C.H.

Code: CF 4106014

Codice int.: 251042