• AA.VV. : 50 Easy to play pieces in standard musical notation and tabulature + CD


50 Easy to play pieces in standard musical notation and tabulature + CD

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Renaissance: Nonsuch (from England)
Hercules (Susato) - Dance for a Fugger Lady (Neusiedler)
The Parlement (from England)
Lesson For Two Lutes (from England)
Bianco fiore (Negri)
Branle gay (Besard)
Romanesca (Galilei)
Le Rossignol (from England)
Tarleton's Resurrection (Dowland) - Dance (from England)
Baroque: Minuet in C (from Thuringia)
Minuet in A minor (from Lithunia)
Gassenhauer (Rathgeber)
Rujero (Sanz)
Paredetas (Sanz)
Aria (Losy)
Bourrée in D minor (Visée)
Sarabande (from Poland)
Air (Handel)
L'inverno (Vivaldi)
Canarios (Sanz)
Largo (Vivaldi)
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach)
Bourrée in E minor (Bach)
Minuet in E (Falckenhagen)
Classical: Andante (Küffner)
Ländler (Diabelli)
Tarantella (Giuliani)
Andantino (Pagnini)
Allegretto Scherzando (Paganini)
Divertimento (Coste)
Barcarole (Coste)
Capriccio (Sor)
Larghetto (Carulli)
Duo in G (Carulli)
Minuet from "Don Giovanni" (Mozart)
Das klinget so herrlich (Sor)
Allegro Moderato (Sor)
Romantic and Folk Music: Mazurka (Ferrer)
Scarborough Fair (from England)
Taberna (from Spain)
Sofa Rag (Voss)
Boogie in G (from the USA)
Habañera from "Carmen" (Bizet)
Aranjuez (Rodrigo)
El Testamento d'Amelia (from Spain)
Spanish Romance (from Spain)
Preludio (Tárrega)
Adelita (Tárrega)

This volume is a real pleasure: fifty easy pieces spanning five centuries just waiting to be discovered, in standard musical notation and tablature. Simple folk pieces are included alongside well-known classics by Carulli, Paganini, Sor and Tárrega. Melodies by celebrated masters such as Bach, Handel, Mozart and Vivaldi feature here as well, though.
There is information, too, on the origins and individual characteristics of each piece. The accompanying CD for listening and playing along to makes the whole thing even more fun!

Author: AA.VV.

Code: ED 9710

Codice int.: 100901