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The Cambridge Companion to Bach (Butt)

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Part I. The Historical Context: Society Beliefs and World-View: 1. The Bach family Malcolm Boyd; 2. Johann Sebastian Bach in the context of domestic politics in Electoral Saxony Ulrich Siegele; 3. Music and Lutheranism Robin A. Leaver; 4. Bach’s metaphysics of music John Butt; 5. ‘A mind unconscious that it is calculating’? Bach and the rationalist philosophy of Wolff, Leibniz and Spinoza John Butt; Part II. Profiles of the Music: 6. The early works and the heritage of the seventeenth century Stephen A. Crist; 7. The mature vocal works and their theological and liturgical context Robin A. Leaver; 8. The instrumental music Werner Breig; 9. The keyboard works: Bach as teacher and virtuoso Richard D. P. Jones; 10. Composition as arrangement and adaptation Werner Breig; 11. Bachian invention and its mechanisms Laurence Dreyfus; Part III. Influence and Reception: 12. Bach as teacher and model Stephen Daw; 13. Changing issues of performance practice George B. Stauffer; 14. Bach reception: some concepts and parameters Martin Zenck; 15. Reinterpreting Bach in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Martin Zenck.

The Cambridge Companion to Bach goes beyond a basic life-and-works study to provide a late-twentieth-century perspective on J. S. Bach the man and composer. Benefiting from the insights and research of some of the most distinguished Bach scholars, this Companion covers cultural, social and religious contexts, surveys and analyzes Bach's compositional style, traces his influence, and considers the performance and reception of his music through the succeeding generations.

Author: AA.VV.

Code: 9780521587808

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