• AA.VV. : The Cambridge Companion to Liszt (Hamilton)


The Cambridge Companion to Liszt (Hamilton)

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1. The romantic artist Katharine Ellis; 2. Inventing Liszt's life: early biography and autobiography Alexander Rehding; 3. Liszt in the twentieth century James Deaville; 4. Liszt's early and Weimar piano works Kenneth Hamilton; 5. Liszt's late piano works: a survey James M. Baker; 6. Liszt's late piano works: larger forms James M. Baker; 7. Liszt's piano concerti: a lost tradition Anna Celenza; 8. Performing Liszt's piano music Kenneth Hamilton; 9. Liszt's Lieder Monika Hennemann; 10. Liszt's symphonic poems and symphonies Reeves Shulstad; 11. Liszt's sacred choral music Dolores Pesce.

This Companion provides an up-to-date view of the music of Franz Liszt, its contemporary context and performance practice, written by some of the leading specialists in the field of nineteenth-century music studies. Although a core of Liszt's piano music has always maintained a firm hold on the repertoire, his output was so vast, influential and multi-faceted that scholarship too has taken some time to assimilate his achievement. This book offers students and music lovers some of the latest views in an accessible form. Katharine Ellis, Alexander Rehding and James Deaville present the biographical and intellectual aspects of Liszt's legacy, Kenneth Hamilton, James Baker and Anna Celenza give a detailed account of Liszt's piano music - including approaches to performance - Monika Hennemann discusses Liszt's Lieder, and Reeves Shulstad and Dolores Pesce survey his orchestral and choral music.

• An up-to-date view of Liszt for the non-specialist • The first book on Liszt to provide such comprehensive coverage • Invaluable chapters on performance by one of the foremost exponents of the piano music

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Code: 9780521644624

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