Ave Maria, gratia plena. Latin Ave Maria Settings of the 19th and early 20th Century for Solo Voice and Organ

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Lateinische Ave-Maria-Vertonungen / Latin Ave Maria Settings:
Alain, Jehan
Bach, Johann Sebastian / Gounod, Charles: siehe / cf. Gounod
Battistini, Mattia
Bizet, Georges
Blazy, Maurice
Bruckner, Anton
Cherubini, Luigi
Dvorák, Antonin
Fauré, Gabriel
Franck, César (d-Moll / D minor)
Franck, César (C-Dur / C major)
Goller, Vinzenz
Gounod, Charles
Guimant, Félix-Alexandre
Hanau, A. W. P.
Heydt, Willem
Liszt, Franz
Philip, Achille
Potiron, Henri
Rheinberger, Joseph Gabriel (op. 157/6)
Rheinberger, Joseph Gabriel (op. 171/1)
Saint-Saens, Camille (G-Dur / G major)
Saint-Saens, Camille (F-Dur / F major)
Scheel, Josef
Schrijvers, Jean
Schubert, Franz
Stolz, Robert
Biographische Notizen
Biographical Notes

This collection contains settings from the late Romantic period through to the Early Modern. It sets a new standard in terms of the range and the broad stylistic features of popular as well as unknown compositions. Included are original Ave-Maria settings specifically arranged for medium voice and organ. Solo singers and musicians will find these settings arranged for ease of performance and playability.

With works from Bizet, Bruckner, Cherubini, Dvorak, Franck, Gounod, Guilmant, Liszt, Rheinberger , Saint-Saëns, Schubert and others.

Author: AA.VV.

Code: BA 8250

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