J.S. Bach

Opere per Organo

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Six Trio Sonatas
Clavierübung Part III
"Prelude in E-Flat Major ("St. Anne")"
"Seventeen Chorale Preludes ("German Organ Mass")"
Four Duets
"Fugue in E-Flat Major ("St. Anne")"
Das Orgelbüchlein
Six Schübler Chorales
Eighteen Chorale Preludes
Supplement to Das Orgelbüchlein and Eighteen Chorale Preludes

This volume reprints in full, directly from the rare and expensive Bach-Gesellschaft volumes, important organ music by the greatest composer for the instrument. Includes 93 works, including the six Trio Sonatas, "German Organ Mass," Orgelbüchlein, the Six Schübler Chorales, the Eighteen Choral Preludes, and more. Reproduced in large, clear type for maximum clarity.
Reprint of the Bach-Gesellschaft Orgelwerke, Volumes 15 and 25.2, and Clavierwerke, Volume 3.

Author: Bach, J.S.

Code: 22359-0

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