C. Franck

Composizioni scelte per Pianoforte

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Eglogue op. 3; 1er grand caprice op. 5; Ballade op. 9; Les plaintes d’une poupée; Préludio, chorale e fugue; Danse lente; Prélude, aria et finale

This outstanding selection of César Franck's piano works was assembled by one of the composer's students. The well-known composer and teacher Vincent d'Indy presents ten selections from throughout Franck's career. The pieces range from early experimental works to later masterpieces, including the memorable "Prelude, Choral and Fugue" and "Prelude, Aria and Finale."
César Franck (1822–1890) worked in relative obscurity until his appointment to the Paris Conservatoire, where he attained great influence as an instructor, organist, and composer. Vincent d'Indy (1851–1931) was a student of Franck's and a leading figure of Parisian musical society during the late 1800s. In addition to an introduction that offers insights into the composer's life and music, d'Indy presents thirty-two pages of commentary, written both in French and in English.
Reprinted from Piano Compositions by César Franck, 1922.

Author: Franck, C.

Code: 23269-7