L. Kozeluh

Six Easy Sonatas for Piano. Urtext

  • Publisher: Bärenreiter
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Leopold Koželuch (also Koželuh) was among the leading musical figures of 18th-century Vienna, well-known in his day as an excellent pianist and piano teacher.

Six delightful sonatas have been selected from the complete edition of his piano sonatas published by Bärenreiter – namely the easiest, as this album is specifically aimed at beginner and moderately advanced pianists. The edition includes Piano Sonatas No. 37 in G major, No. 47 in E-flat major, No. 7 in D major, No. 46 in C major, No. 10 in F major and No. 14 in G major, inviting pianists to explore the piano music of the Viennese Classic.

Author: Kozeluh, L.

Code: BA 11565

Codice int.: 316813