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Classics meet Jazz. 14 famous classical pieces, original version + jazzy arrangement, for Piano. Vol. II. Edition with CD (Korn)

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Editore: Schott

Schubert, The Trout
Korn, Fish Rag
Grieg, Kobold
Korn, Coolbold
Grieg, Piano Concerto a Minor (Beginning of 1st Movement)
Korn, Tango Concertante
Brahms, Hungarian Dance No. 1, Korn, Hungarian Salsa No. 1
Schubert, Symphony in B Minor "Unfinished" (Beginning of 1st Movement)
Korn, Endless
Händel, Halleluja (from "Messiah")
Korn, Halleluja Rock
Paganini, La Campanella (Rondo-Thema from 2nd Violin Concerto)
Korn, Campanella Swing
R. Schumann, Knecht Ruprecht
Korn, Santa Claus in Bobby's House
J. S. Bach, Air (from Orchestral Suite No. 3)
Korn, Air in Blue
Mozart, A little Night Music (Excerpt from 4th Movement)
Korn, A Clack Night Music
Offenbach, Cancan
Korn, Nacnac
J. Strauss jr., The Blue Danube
Korn, On the Beautiful Blue Mississippi
Beethoven, Grande Sonate Pathétique (Introction to the 1st movement)
Korn, Echoes of the Pathétique
Chopin, Valse op. 69 Nr. 2
Korn, Senor Siminor.


14 famous themes from music history, from Bach to Offenbach, each with its own jazzy interpretation - just as in Vol. 1. This edition shows that 'classical music' and jazz are not that distant from one another after all. Just imagine Grieg's Piano Concerto played on a bandoneon - and you have got the perfect tango! Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 1 is also ideal as a salsa ('Hungarian Salsa No.1'). Schubert's trout suffers a terrible fate, here it may continue to live in a lively ragtime ('Fish Rag'). With Mozart, the night is merry and friendly. but 'A Black Night Music' shows its dark side.
The accompanying CD provides examples and suggestions as to how all of these pieces can be interpreted.

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