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Piazza, G.
Tre per due. 10 Pezzi facili per Pianoforte a 6 mani

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Condividi: Facebook Twitter

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Editore: Schott

- St. Anthony and the Three Chickens
- The Sixties
- Slow Minimal
- Jazz Colours
- Dolce Vita
- Little Blues Fugue
- Soundtrack
- Gentle Swing
- Rock Passcaille
- Johnnie’s Rondo


Playing with six hands means: voluminous sound in all registers, higher density and harmonic variety of chords without stepping beyond a moderate grade of difficulty in the individual parts. It also means fun for three, practising time-keeping and physical co-ordination as well as working together in a group, exchanging ideas, listening to and fitting in with others. Besides, it is also an excellent way of fitting large numbers of pupils into one recital.

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