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Belle Epoque Russe. Works for Violoncello and Piano

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Dettagli prodotto

Editore: Belaieff

- I Ein Gedanke an Franz Liszt. Elegie, op. 17 (Glasunow)
  - II Hindu-Lied aus der Oper "Sadko" (Rimskij-Korsakow)
  - III Zwei Stücke (1. Elegie, 2. Capriccioso), op. 19 (Blumenfeld)
  - IV Ballade, op. 4 (Glière)


With these demanding romantic performance pieces for violoncello and piano, Belaieff starts a new series in which 'hidden treasures' from the publisher's archives, i.e. works by Russian composers which are hardly known, out-of-print or difficult to get at, are revived in the form of reproduced first editions.