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Korean Folk Tunes. 20 Traditional Pieces for Violin, edition with CD (Kunihiko)

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Folk Dance Under the Full Moon
A Country Girl's Love Song
Chestnut Rhythm
Flower Song for a Spring Festival
Nostalgic Feeling
Bellflower Song
Plum Tree
A Fisherman's Life
Folk Song from Mirang
Song of the Backyeon Waterfall
Good Harvest
Bird Taryeong
Butterflies in the Tummy
Folk Song
The Brightness of the Moon
Folk Song from Jindo
Joyful Song
Changbu Rhythm Bariations
Deep Clear Water Rhythm
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'Korean Folk Tunes' contains 20 traditional songs which reflect the joy, sorrow, hope and poetry of everyday life in Korea.
Kunihiko Ryo's arrangements retain the old Korean rhythm - despite their own artistic interpretation. The subtle ornaments embellishing the melody require a particularly high sensitivity. The edition is preceded by a detailed introduction to traditional rhythms, scales and keys.
As each song is preceded by the history of its origins, 'Korean Folk Tunes' provides an interesting insight into the world of Korean folk songs.
The accompanying CD contains all pieces in a complete version with ensemble as well as play-along tracks.

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