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Chinese Violin Solos. A collection of music for the traditional Chinese two-stringed fiddle (Stock)

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Editore: Schott

 - Lady Meng Jiang
  - Purple Bamboo Melody
  - Bamboo Stem and Jasmine Flower
  - Song of Happiness
  - Middle-Decorated Six-Beat
  - Aria from: The Tale of the Lute
  - Prelude from: The Tale of the Three Kingdoms
  - Aria from: Third-Wife Teaches her Son
  - Prelude from: Pouring Water in Front of the Horse
  - Autumn Moon over the Han Palace
  - The Buddhist Triad
  - Partidges Flying
  - The Moon Reflected on the Second Springs
  - Listening to the Pines
  - Three Variations on Yangguan


Fifteen solo recital pieces derived from the traditional and contemporary musical repertoires of mainland China. This book offers a practical introduction to one of the world's most fascinating musical cultures.