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Feuillard, L.R.
Daily Exercises for Violoncello

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- Exercises for the left hand and bow. Trills, Scales, Arpeggios, Double stopping etc.
- 1st Part: Exercises in the neck positions
- 2nd Part: Exercises in the whole compass of the cello
- 3rd Part: Exercises in the thumb positions
- 4th Part: Double stopping
- 5th Part: Bowing Exercises
- Examples from each of the five parts should be studied daily. The exercises should be practised slowly at first gradually increasing the speed. Care should be taken that they are played very evenly.


Louis R. Feuillard (1872–1941) has become known chiefly as the teacher of Paul Tortelier who called him a man with an extraordinary educational instinct. His 'Daily Exercises' take up the most important aspects of the cello technique, such as exercises in neck and thumb positions, double stops and bowing exercises. It is particularly because of the logical structure of the exercises that they have been among the standard works of violoncello study literature since their publication in 1919.

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