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Dvorák, A.
Concerto in la minore op. 53, per Violino e Orchestra. Partitura tascabile. Urtext

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Editore: Bärenreiter


This study score is based on our recently published new scholarly-critical edition (BA 10422) of Dvorák’s op. 53, his only violin concerto. Besides the original print, the edition takes into account Dvorák’s autograph, which served as a model for the engraving. A fresh evaluation of the autograph has made it possible to reconstruct several variants ignored in the first and subsequent editions and to clarify ambiguities in notation and articulation.

• Study score based on the new Bärenreiter Urtext edition
• Variants in the solo part as ossia passages
• Foreword by the editor on the work’s genesis (Ger/Cz/Eng)