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Schubert, F.
Sonata in sol op. 78 D 894, per Pianoforte. Urtext

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Editore: Bärenreiter


Schubert’s tuneful and buoyant Sonata in G major was published in April 1827 as a “Fantasy or Sonata”, to quote the heading of its first movement. His first reviewer noted that “the beloved and talented Lieder composer has presented the music world with a fantasy in which he lets his inventiveness loose. He presents the pianist with a harmonic indulgence without however amassing too many difficulties to complicate the execution”.

Our scholarly-critical Urtext edition, based on the definitive New Schubert Edition, presents the sonata in a spacious new engraving with practical page turns. The work is introduced by an updated Foreword (Ger/Eng) and detailed notes on key questions of performance practice, e.g. pedalling and Schubert’s characteristic way of writing accents. Rounding off the edition is a Critical Commentary (Eng) containing alternative readings of relevance to the performer. Schubert’s rejected initial version of the second movement can be accessed via the Barenreiter website.

• Scholarly-critical Urtext editions based on the New Schubert Edition
• Spacious new engravings with practical page turns
• Detailed notes on historical performance practice (Ger/Eng)
• Updated Forewords (Ger/Eng) and Critical Commentaries (Eng)
• Schubert’s rejected versions of individual movements accessible online