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Dvorák, A.
Romantische Stucke op. 75, per Viola e Pianoforte

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“Sooner or later the “Romantic Pieces” will pave their way through all the salons”: thus the periodical Dalibor predicted when the “Romantic Pieces” op. 75 were first issued by the publisher Simrock in 1887. Since then they have become some of Dvorák’s most popular works for violin and piano. Now they are being made available for violists also.

Bella and Semjon Kalinowsky have arranged the four pieces on the basis of the “Complete Edition of the Works of Antonín Dvorák”. The piano part of the original version remains, while the violin part has been adapted for viola; it has been transcribed into the alto clef and includes fingering and bowing marks.

With their entrancing melodies and poetry, these pieces pose few technical challenges and are thus easy to play.